The scenario of banking is changing rapidly. Banking institutions have started introducing new and innovative plans to improve their services. Retail banking is one of the latest services that most of the banking institutions are launching. Banks in India are raising the bar on deposits and have also increased the minimum balance limit in saving account. All these things are to attract customers and make the retail banking a success. Banks are moving towards products and services that are focusing targeted customers. Still there is a strong relation in terms of business segmentations.

In retail banking is the process of providing service to the customers by using local branches of large banks. As a part of their service, retail bankers have stepped ahead by providing management and financial consulting services. One of the prominent features of retail banking is the facilities that their customers receive. A number of private firm like help customers by providing different kinds of banking services to their customers. Establishing a good relationship with the customers strengthens the financial base, which plays a very important role in making good deals. Customers should make sure that they review their bank statements on a regular basis to ensure that they are not paying any extra charges by making use of retail banking services.

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