The annum “Metered Life” is derived from the term meter which is a unit of distance and an instrument for counting rate per distance and time. Today’s life is based on calculation and measurement, every single step is logical not emotional. Everyone wants to reach their aspired goal before others. Life is like a race against time to earn more money and to proceed towards success. Emotion is never counted in the race of life.

As everything turns metered, people will have to compensate for using everything like populace and secret.  With the counterpane of this logic, the assort of public spaces where people could meet and slack up without the inadvertence of a commercial supervise. In the metered world, people only appear as blips in lucre and deprivation.

Time is money. Work time is a special sort of time that firms guardedly. They regard outlays on wages as a drain on profits.  Meter it where the contraption, public assistance, and even health of people are concerned, so long as they do not appear on the balance sheet, they are of no concern. In the metered world, time is money only in specific contexts.