Four Ways To Increase Income And Save Money

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It always helps to earn more in very easy ways which will increase your income and give you freedom. There are many ways to increase your income and this article lists four such ways to give you a brief idea on the numerous easy ways in which you could boost your income.

  1. StartĀ  a side business such as a cottage industry:You may haveĀ  a talent which you could use to make extra money. You could bake cookies, make pickles, knit sweaters to add to your income. If you are artistic then your could sell your home made products such as jewellery or other artwork and sell it on eBay or other arts and crafts fairs. Depending on your talent, time and ability to sell you could make extra income.
  2. Rent out a spare room of your house:
    If you have a spare room and do not mind the intrusion of a stranger you could make significantly more money by making the best of your property especially if you live in a busy area such as near a railway station. You could keep a tenant or other paying guests who stay for a short time.
  3. Rent out your garage or parking space: If you live in a crowded area allowing someone to park in your garage or parking space could earn you extra cash without putting in much effort while making the best use of your property. You could rent your parking space as a storeroom to store goods.
  4. Baby Sitting, pet and plant sitting:
    Adult baby sitters can earn up to $8 an hour and if you can build a good reputation for your self you could earn an extra income. However you must be willing to handle a noisy or ill child. Pet or plant sitting is also called house- sitting wherein you have to maintain the house and look after their plants and pets for a few months provided you have no criminal record.


  1. Do not use credit cards:
    Credit cards make you poor as research has shown that you spend 12% more while using a credit card. The safest way is to use cash.
  2. Avoid Restaurants:
    Even though it is alright to dine out once in a while, making a habit of it can burn a hole in your pocket. Eating out at restaurants cost four times more than cooking at home which is even more exorbitant at fancy restaurants. To save money and yet have a nice time invite all your friends home for a party and let everyone bring a dish which will be more fun and cost you only a small amount.
  3. Become a vegetarian for a part of the week : Since meat is expensive eating vegetarian dishes two or three days a week can reduce your grocery bill.
  4. Wash your garments in cold water: This will save on electricity bills and make your clothes last longer.

There are many more ways to increase your income and save money. You could start now!

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