Saving for your future and urgent situations is never wrong. It’s not possible to become a millionaire in a day, thus counting up pennies regularly in your savings account can only give you a tenable future.

Now a day, if you are a salaried person or else a genuine businessman it will be even difficult for you to meet your expenses in this rising financial system and at last you will be left with nothing. So, it’s better to think and start your savings before you spend. Some major wealth generating ways to bring up your thought into action are mentioned below-

  • “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” – An old saying but still very useful for your finances. Tax deducted at source is something you can evade if applied your intelligence. Significantly, almost 2.5 lakhs of investment is permissible according to IT Act in the current financial year. Hence, plan your investment for that reason and prefer going ahead of market risk options. Think of different investment plans rather than sticking on one. Choosing maximum ROI plans are an intelligent act. You can opt for auto debit facility directly into your salary account, so that your savings are fixed before your expenses. It’s intelligent to be on sure and secured sides of ventures, hire a CA and get better advice from him. Home loan is another mode to exempt tax and secure a property.
  • Think of alternatives – When it comes to stake your sweetly earned money, you should at least give a thought over it. Try to re-utilize all your belongings and so forth with other items too rather than buying a new one.
  • Plan according to your budget – Make different columns of expenses and fix up an amount for each and then follow your planned figures while spending.

Lastly, never spend on anything unless you are in utter crisis of the product. Incorporate savings in your blood rather than in your sweat.

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