Everyone in today‚Äôs world works hard to earn decent money. But, what most of the people realize later is that despite of working so hard all throughout there have not been much savings. Only one question haunts everyone and i.e. how to save that extra penny. Well, here are some tips that can help you save some extra bucks effectively. Apart from the below listed tips, you can refer the website,‘meteredlife.org’, which is one of the best websites on the internet providing you with some excellent money saving tips and techniques.

  1. Formulate a realistic and feasible budget for the month. With a fixed budget in hand, you will try to restrict yourself from spending an extra buck beyond the budget.
  2. It has become a common habit to shop through credit cards. You will find people carrying multiple credit cards and they consider it as a status symbol. Do you know how much interest do you need to pay for the credit cards? Well, it is more than 30 percent. Though credit cards have their own benefits and you need not carry lots of cash every time if you have a credit card but, it also costs you huge money. So, it is a better idea to get away with multiple credit cards and just keep one for emergency purposes.
  3. Try to purchase things using cash instead of credit/debit cards. With plastic money you do not realize the amount spent on purchases till the time you get the credit card bill the next month.
  4. Plan to buy expensive things in advance. Shop for these expensive items during sales. You can also save extra money by shopping online as online shops not only provide a wide variety but also frequently come up with schemes and discount coupons. Explore and compare prices at different websites for the same product and purchase from the one which offers the best deal.
  5. Purchase items that can last for long in bulk amounts. Bulk purchase is always more cost effective.
  6. While commutation to office, opt for shared pool cars with your colleagues. Share the fuel costs amongst your friends. This not only helps save the environment, reduce traffic but also saves you an extra penny.For mobile usage, opt for a cost effective talk
  7. plan. Also, if possible go for prepaid connections as it will help you going over budget with your mobile phone usage.

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