In today’s life emotion plays very little role in everyone’s life. People have become calculative and money centric. Here, everyone is just bothered about how to make more money. At times, making money might be easy but some might find it difficult to save it. Hence, they might feel that whatever they are earning is less. We at Metered Life will make you understand the correct calculation of your income against your expenses. Here, we give you some money saving tips which will help you from being bankrupt or serve as a relief during cashless situation.

Make your Monthly Budget – The foremost things you need to do is to make your monthly budget. List down all the things you would require to spend in the month. This list should include your grocery bills, laundry bills, electricity bills and other bills like mobile phone, gas. Make a list of grocery you would require to buy every month. Read and re-read the list. Delete the excessive and unnecessary items. Do not overstock the items unless required.

Fixed Savings – Once you know the amount you need to keep aside for your daily needs, calculate the remaining amount from your total income. Always keep aside, at least, ten to fifteen percent of the left out amount as your fixed savings. This saving can be a deposit in your bank or buying some funds.

Pay your bills on time – Remember to, always, pay bills timely in order to avoid late payment charges. This includes your mobile, landline, electricity and credit card.

House Parties – Instead of planning every weekend out you can call for a house party. This saves a lot of expense.

Sell old stuff – Always follow a practice to remove the old and unwanted things from your house. This will not only keep your house clean but also help you to earn some extra cash from the unwanted things.

Maintain your appliances – Repair cost of the appliances is always the highest in any household. Hence, maintain all your home and kitchen appliances well. If you notice any minor problem in the appliance, immediately call for a technician and get it repaired.

The above mentioned basic money saving tips will help you to save a large sum of money in the entire month.

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